Excited about our pizza? So are we! Our After Dark pizza is perfect for those hard woking night shift folks or if you’re looking for a midnight snack! Need something after a night of partying? We’re here for you! Not only can you enjoy a fresh, hot pizza, but you can purchase some sweets to go with it too! Not a night owl? We have Take and Bakes available! Pre-made pizzas that you take home and pop in the oven. You’re probably wondering why we can’t offer the fresh, hot pizza for earlier… Well we only run our ovens at night. It is a huge oven designed to hold over 600 loafs of bread. Our gas and electric would skyrocket if we ran them for pizzas during the day! It’s not economical at this time. We may adjust the start time by an hour or so in the future though! Visit our After Dark Pizza page for all the information on our fresh, hot offerings and the Take and Bakes.

After Dark Pizza

Adriana Briseno